Success is propulsive.

Hook developers fast.

A developer tools business is a pact: create success for developers, then ride their wake to relevance and revenue.

But winning developers is hard work. Start by making the case for how your tools give them power.

Most persuasive? A fast, compelling path to accomplishing their goals.

Antigravity is here to help you meet your DX goals sooner.


Onboarding Optimization

What's the time between grabbing your tools and seeing hello world? What traps wait for your developers on the road to integration? Let's limit friction and frustration while optimizing the time between intention and accomplishment.

Starter Projects

The best developer tools give curious explorers an invitation to play. Core to this approach is an array of starter projects. A good starter demonstrates key architectural and design patterns, while providing working functionality developers can quickly customize and expand for their own purposes. Let's build some!

Documentation Enhancement

Documentation is hard. Good docs are more than describing every corner of your API. They explain code and design patterns afresh to outsiders who don't share your context. We'll work together to ensure you have the artifacts you need at every resolution to empower developers for successful integrations.

Developer Storytelling

There's a story behind your developer tools: why they exist, what problems they solve, how your team sees things differently. There's a story of developers applying leverage you created to realize their dreams. Let's find the clearest versions of these stories to inspire even more developers to pick up your tools.

Antigravity Developer Experience

In the beginning of learning a new technology, every developer is pulled by two sources of gravity. The first is the urge to abandon your tool. To use something more familiar, more comfortable.

As success compounds, the stronger force is a compulsion to continue iterating: everything is working, progress is fun. These services are how we get even more of your developers into that stable orbit.

The whys are simple: you want to lower your support burden, while increasing successful integrations. You want to enable confident developers, while earning a reputation for results. You want a community that surprises you with its accomplishment and ingenuity.

You want developer-led growth to alter the trajectory of your business.

Let's get started

Your Antigravity Consigliere

Danilo Campos has invested two decades learning and applying developer tools. He taught programming and computing to students nationwide with GitHub and the White House, and learned from the savviest minds in DX at

Danilo's history and accomplishments position him to provide clarity and action on your toughest developer tools challenges.


It's a rare and valuable gift to understand what makes developers tick. Danilo's got it. I'm excited to see him put everything he learned at Glitch into practice, because every developer deserves a great experience.

Anil Dash

Prince Fan & CEO,

Danilo is an uncommon breed of freelancer. He thinks and executes at startup speed, and his insight eagerly crosses the boundaries of engineering, product and communications. You'll gain so much having him in the mix.

Leigh Steed-Middleton

SVP Engineering & Product, SEDNA Communications

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